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We are a new, innovative company with a vision that healthy, beautifully styled hair should never have to be a compromise. Our professional Titanium Infuse Pro Vapor Iron is one of a kind. We’ve infused an argan oil serum to keep your hair silky smooth and healthy while you create velvety, straight hair or the most voluminous, bouncy curls. What you decide to do with your iron, is entirely up to you. With hair, there are always infinite possibilities, styles, mixes, and colors. That’s what makes it so fun!

In case you didn’t know, Argan oil is incredibly good for your hair! Just take a look at what you’re getting with our argan oil serum:

Pretty awesome right? Kinda makes you want to go out and try all of our serums. We never want you to settle for a straightener that does damage to your hair or one that isn’t really doing it’s job. The correct straightener should give you soft, luxurious hair that is never frizzy, difficult to manage, or doing serious damage.

Plus the right iron (*cough* *cough* OUR iron) transforms your hair easily, quickly, and in the end you can see dramatically different results.

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Fall Hair Trends

Fall is very much here and the days are getting crisper, colder, and darker than expected. Along with the falling leaves and the scarfs, boots, and hats that tend to come out this time of year- there are also many Fall Hair Trends. At Purecode, we pride ourselves on giving you your healthiest hair that still feels silky smooth and natural. With our iron, you can create any hairstyle that you choose. With our help, you will always have a good hair day.

First is texture: On runways at the last fashion week, hairstyles were often messy and chic. Although each hairstyle was styled and thought out, a lot of looks looked effortless and natural. To create a similar look, use our iron to curl or straighten your hair, then run your hands through your hair and tease your scalp. Flip your hair back and forth a few times to finish.

The second trend is knots. Two topknots pinned to your hair or two half up, with hair down is becoming a very popular look amongst runways and bloggers. This look is an effortless Day 2 look if your hair is looking a little greasy or you just want something unique and different.

The third look is soft waves. This look was seen all over fashion week and is perfect for relaxing holiday parties, nights out with friends, or date night. Use your iron, back and forth on thick strands of hair to create waves and run your fingers through your hair when it is all done. Spray with hairspray to hold each strand together.

Our fourth trend is adding glammer and glitzy accessories to your hair. Major designers from Dolce & Gabbana to Tommy Hilfiger and Alexander McQueen have been adding sparkling hair accessories to their newest collections. Adding a bit of sparkle to your hair is the perfect way to accessorize this holiday season. Here are our favorite affordable pics:

Our fifth and last trend is deep parts. Bloggers and stylists alike have been adapting this new hairstyle, straightening their hair and parting it deep to one side. This look is unique and different, yet so easy to try out. You can add in a barrette or tie your hair in a side pony with a ribbon to achieve this effortless cool girl look.

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