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A Natural, Moisturizing Self-Care Solution For Men With Dry Hands & Feet

Moisturizing Gel Gloves - Mens XL

Many men work with their hands and put a lot of stress on their feet. The result is dry, calloused skin that too often goes unnoticed or uncared for. Overtime, ignored skin can become dull, unsightly, and even painful.

Our Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Socks give men a masculine way to provide their hands and feet much-needed relief from long shifts at work and other tedious hobbies and activities.

Self-care is a priority now more than ever as men explore new ways to reverse or slow down the aging that occurs when they use their hands a lot for specific trades or jobs. Moisture-repair is a welcome treatment for any man whether a musician, artist, welder, worker or someone in between.

Each glove and sock is padded with a natural gel that restores moisture, reduces roughness, and helps heal dry, cracked calluses. The gel is made up of organic Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E. This nutrient-dense trio expedites the hydration process and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The extra-large (XL) gloves and socks fit men of all heights and sizes and hug against the skin to apply moisture. The deep dark blue color adds a touch of understated sophistication that any man will appreciate.

Plus, each item comes with a sleek storage case for use at home or on the road. The Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Socks makes for great gifts for a loved one who’s in the hospital or nursing home where dry skin is hard to avoid. It’s a thoughtful way to add a little extra care to their stay.

Amplify the benefits of the Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Socks with PURE CODE’s 100% Organic Argon Oil. Simply massage a few drops of the Argan Oil onto hands and feet, paying particular attention to rough patches. Then apply the moisturizing gloves and socks and let sit for 20-30 minutes for maximum benefit. Roll them off gently when finished and notice results immediately!

Purchase the dark blue XL Moisturizing Gel Gloves and Socks individually or as a complete set that includes our 100% Organic Argan Oil!

Add it to your own self-care toolkit or give it as a gift for the hard-working man in your life.



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