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Photo of Lei MontantiNot every beauty company is run by a rocket scientist.

As a young girl growing up in Shanghai, China, Tiffany Montanti always dreamed of creating her own line of beauty products. Her strength in science and math led her in another direction first, though, and she graduated college with a degree in aerospace engineering.

Soon after, she moved to the US, and in an attempt to jump-start her new life, Tiffany followed the call of her early dream, earned her cosmetology license, and went to work. From day one, Tiffany saw how her engineering talents could be a benefit in the beauty industry. With her mental ability to visualize products and packaging in 3D, her professional knowledge of hair and skin, her Eastern perspective on beauty and wellness, and her empathy for working people and their busy lifestyles, Tiffany could create things that never existed before.

So she launched into the beauty space. And she developed products that allow people to maximize their ability to look and feel their best while leading demanding, productive professional lives. Products that combine elegant design, effective ingredients and refined materials into lifestyle-changing beauty innovations.

Tiffany named her company Pure Code, because her products are all about cracking the code for busy, ambitious consumers who want to give their hair, skin and body the best possible care, without sacrificing their precious time.

Pure Code is about applying pure intelligence, pure insight and pure innovation to making pure beauty and wellness part of everyday life.



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