An Apple a Day Washes Skin Problems Away

You know how your tired muscles appreciate a soothing massage after a long hard day? Well, guess what—your skin does, too. Facial massage increases blood circulation, which brings fresh oxygen, cells, proteins, and nutrients to the skin and flushes out waste. It can even boost skin’s production of elastin and collagen,1 which decline over time, causing skin to show signs of aging. Research even shows that massage helps firm skin up, and improve the look of sagging.2

So it’s no surprise that cleansing your face with a heated silicone cleansing brush and massager brings a wealth of benefits to the skin.

“When you combine the right temperature, the right vibration frequency and the right materials, you really amplify the benefits of cleansing, and help the skin absorb the benefits of the skincare steps that follow,” says Tiffany Montanti, founder of Purecode, the developer of the Nova Thermal Cleansing Device.  “I wanted to take everything scientists know about cleansing and massage, and everything I love about skincare, and combine it all into one enjoyable experience. That’s how we created the Nova.”

Coming Soon in November to Macy’s and macy’, the Nova appeals to women, men, and teens alike. With its warm temperature, skin-friendly silicone surfaces and soft, gentle action, the device is ideal for a variety of skin conditions. It exfoliates dead skin cells, removes dirt, oil, and makeup, coaxes blackheads and clogs from pores, enhances anti-aging skincare, and improves acne.

You can use the textured side for deeper cleansing, or the smooth side for a soothing sensation. And with four speed settings and 2 levels of warmth, you can customize your cleansing experience to your personal preference. No matter how you set it, the Nova’s unique action enhances the effectiveness of cleansing products, such as Purecode’s Lemongrass Daily Facial Cleanser, which is formulated with a blend of natural and organic oils that work particularly well with heat and massage to prepare skin for moisturizer or serum.

In addition to being both functional and effective, the Nova is pretty cute, too. In bright green or vibrant pink and shaped like a big apple, it’s a fun pick to add to any daily skincare routine.

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