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The 4-in-1 Facial Product That Renews, Cleanses, and Purifies Skin At Any Age

Everyone wants beautiful skin without stress. Stress is a natural enemy of a soft, supple, and youthful appearance. And there’s nothing more stressful than trying to find a beauty and skincare product that lives up to your expectations!

PURE CODE’s Derma Pro Skin Rejuvenation system not only delivers on its promises, but helps your skin de-stress, restores its radiance, and slows down signs of aging.

The Derma Pro Skin Rejuvenation system bundles four major skincare routines into one:

  • Deep-clean
  • Lift and contour
  • Smooth fine lines
  • Defend against age

Packaged up into a convenient travel-sized device, the lightweight applicator comes with interchangeable pads so you can create a custom skincare routine that addresses your unique needs.

In one at-home skincare session, the Derma Pro Skin Rejuvenation system will help you lift and contour your skin while smoothing lines and deep-cleaning pores. This product is ideal for men and women of any age looking to seriously upgrade their skincare routine. The device is beneficial for all skin types and can help reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles that can give away your age.

Derma Pro Skin Rejuvenation relies on positive ions to deep clean your skin, removing underlying dirt and impurities that can cause blemishes, acne, and clogged pores. Deep-cleaning should be a priority for anyone interested in anti-aging since imperfections on the skin can weaken elasticity and increase the appearance of age.

Incorporating Derma Pro into your daily skincare routine will keep your face fresh, clear, and radiant. Plus, as your skin adjusts to its cleaner environment, it will appear more youthful without the extra effort.

The easy-to-use hand-held wand allows you to apply gentle pressure as needed for your level of comfort. You’ll have the option of customizing your treatment by selecting from five different levels of intensity. The attached pad will warm and vibrate along your skin to encourage blood flow and circulation which speeds up rejuvenation. This process also enhances your skin’s natural glow and gives the appearance of plumper, firmer skin.

You’ll notice a difference after each and every treatment!

If you’re looking for a high-impact, low-stress solution to aging or problematic skin, then Derma Pro Skin Rejuvenation must be a part of your daily skincare routine. With customizable treatment options and 4-in-1 capabilities, it’s no wonder so many men and women are using this system to turn their skin from ‘dull’ to ‘dreamy’.

Shop PURE CODE today to add this product to your everyday routine and start seeing youthful, ideal results!

A Natural, Moisturizing Self-Care Solution For Men With Dry Hands & Feet

Many men work with their hands and put a lot of stress on their feet. The result is dry, calloused skin that too often goes unnoticed or uncared for. Overtime, ignored skin can become dull, unsightly, and even painful.

Our Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Socks give men a masculine way to provide their hands and feet much-needed relief from long shifts at work and other tedious hobbies and activities.

Self-care is a priority now more than ever as men explore new ways to reverse or slow down the aging that occurs when they use their hands a lot for specific trades or jobs. Moisture-repair is a welcome treatment for any man whether a musician, artist, welder, worker or someone in between.

Each glove and sock is padded with a natural gel that restores moisture, reduces roughness, and helps heal dry, cracked calluses. The gel is made up of organic Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E. This nutrient-dense trio expedites the hydration process and leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed.

The extra-large (XL) gloves and socks fit men of all heights and sizes and hug against the skin to apply moisture. The deep dark blue color adds a touch of understated sophistication that any man will appreciate.

Plus, each item comes with a sleek storage case for use at home or on the road. The Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Socks makes for great gifts for a loved one who’s in the hospital or nursing home where dry skin is hard to avoid. It’s a thoughtful way to add a little extra care to their stay.

Amplify the benefits of the Moisturizing Gel Gloves & Socks with PURE CODE’s 100% Organic Argon Oil. Simply massage a few drops of the Argan Oil onto hands and feet, paying particular attention to rough patches. Then apply the moisturizing gloves and socks and let sit for 20-30 minutes for maximum benefit. Roll them off gently when finished and notice results immediately!

Purchase the dark blue XL Moisturizing Gel Gloves and Socks individually or as a complete set that includes our 100% Organic Argan Oil!

Add it to your own self-care toolkit or give it as a gift for the hard-working man in your life.



Self-care with the Power of Gold Eye Recovery Patches

Want to look fabulous while erasing your under-eye problems? Take your self-care to the next level with Pure Code’s Power of Gold Eye Recovery Patches. These individual eye masks will make your under-eye area smooth and hydrated through the power of 24k gold, collagen, and pure natural plant extracts.

Gold eye masks are the newest and most luxurious trend in skin care. Celebrities and models all over Instagram are sharing their success stories with these glitzy eye patches. These gold eye masks can help you prepare for a big night out or can be used daily to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. They are also a fun treat to share with friends and family during a night-in!

Not only are these patches great for selfies, but they also harness the power of gold to heal dark circles, heavy bags, and wrinkles. You may be asking: how does gold help heal? Dr. Sejal Shah, founder of SmarterSkin Dermatology in New York City, explains that “gold nanoparticles have been shown to have antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties” and believes gold eye masks are very effective in solving under-eye problems like dark circles and swelling.[1] Another common issue under the eyes are wrinkles. According to Dr. Michelle Henry of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, our bodies’ decreasing production of collagen can not only cause wrinkles but also contribute to sagging bags under the eyes.[2]

Luckily, Pure Code’s Eye Recovery Patches uses the power of gold’s healing properties to combat your puffy bags and dark under-eye circles. The gel patches are also concentrated with collagen to help minimize existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from growing. The clever combination of collagen and 24k gold provides a solution to all your under-eye problems by effectively hydrating the skin, reducing puffiness, and smoothing out wrinkles.

Couple relaxing with golden eye mask treatment

To treat the problems in your under-eye area, or for preventative care, add the Power of Gold Eye Recovery Patches to your daily skincare routine. Each box contains 30 pairs, so you are prepared with a complete month’s treatment. These gold eye patches are great to use after a long day at work, sleepless nights, or even during dry airplane rides. Conveniently packaged in pairs, you can slip them in your bag and take it anywhere to say goodbye to your undereye problems!

[1] Dawsey, Holly. “There’s A Reason So Many Celebrities Are Snapping Selfies in Gold Under-Eye Masks.” Glam Magazine. May 10, 2018.

[2] Martin, Crystal. The Fix for Dark Circles, Bags and Droopy Lids.” The New York Times. October 23. 2018.

At-Home Spa: A Head-to-Toe Luxury Beauty Routine

In a world that tells us to go, go, go, it’s easy to get lost in all of the routines that serve others: our work, family, friends, and communities. The benefits of taking some time to nurture ourselves through a head-to-toe beauty routine are undeniable. When we treat our bodies well, we reconnect with ourselves, feel more confident, and are more likely to meet the challenges of our other routines head-on.

PURECODE® beauty offers a blissful escape from the daily grind with products designed to rejuvenate and refresh. An at-home beauty routine that covers the most delicate parts of your body is a great way to unwind, de-stress and find a little bliss. Plus, your skin will glow, you’ll reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and you’ll enjoy a natural high from the cell stimulation. Follow along with us as we detail our at-home beauty routine using the products we love the most!

Tip: To make a complete escape, turn your bathroom into your favorite spa. Light a few candles, turn on a mellow playlist and serve yourself cucumber or fruit-infused water. Take a long bath beforehand to relieve muscle tension and stress. Ask your family or roommates for a block of time that’s all yours, without interruptions. Your day of head-to-toe beauty starts now!


Wash The Day Away

The first step in our PURECODE®  at-home beauty routine begins with our PURECODE®  Facial Cleanser. It’s scented with a soft touch of lemongrass to help energize and reset your mind as you cleanse your pores. This product is a must-have everyday cleanser, but you’ll love it for your spa days, too, because it expertly removes dirt and stress from your skin. It’s gentle and perfect for all skin types. Spend just a few minutes massaging the cleanser in micro-circles up and around your face. Use a bit of pressure to really stimulate your skin cells and wash the day away.

Stimulate & Rejuvenate

At-home spa days are the perfect time to treat your skin to a little something… extra. We’ve fallen in love with the PURECODE®  Nova Thermal Facial Cleansing Device – a brush and massage combo. This palm-sized brush is adorably apple-shaped and comes with a protective pouch to preserve its purifying powers. The Nova is a great way to buff, shine, and stimulate your pores after a deep cleanse.

The brush heats up to temperatures gentle enough for delicate skin but strong enough to encourage pores to open up. The massager further activates your skin cells, sloughing off old, dry skin and taking impurities with it. Massage in slow, gradual circles around your face, paying particular attention to fine lines and problem areas. With multiple heat and speed settings, it’s a perfect fit for any skin type.

Say Goodbye to Impurities

A fresh, clean face is the best canvas for our Nano Ionic Facial Steamer, which is designed to purge your skin of those pesky imperfections we’d rather do without. This steamer elevates your at-home beauty routine to professional-grade status, using the latest technology to safely produce ionic water molecules. This creates steam that penetrates your pores more deeply and thoroughly – pulling dirt and grime to the surface for good. If you incorporate this step into your weekly beauty routine, you’ll notice smoother, tighter, and clearer skin! Just steam your face (your skin should feel warm and dewy, but not uncomfortably so) for 8-10 minutes to receive the full benefits. Splash your skin with warm water to rinse off the impurities the steamer pulled out.

Perfect Your Canvas

Before you finish your facial routine, you’ll want to seal the deal with a finishing oil that really does it all.  PURECODE®  Organic Argan Oil is the secret to cashing in on your beauty routine efforts. 100% organic, this oil is great for both your skin and hair. It improves the health of both while adding a natural, appealing shine. Plus, it’s Vitamin-E fortified for extra benefits. After your steam, apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and rub them gently around your face, neck, and behind your ears. Run the leftovers through the roots of your hair for a nourishing scalp massage.

Lock-In The Moisture

Many of us fall into the trap of prioritizing facial skincare above all-over body care. While facial skincare is important – after all, we present our faces to the world! – the body is equally deserving of some TLC. Either before or after your complete facial beauty routine, indulge in some serious moisture therapy with our line of vitamin and mineral-packed gel gloves, socks, and neck wraps. It’s too easy to forget to nourish the most overworked parts of our bodies, but this simple step provides a needed remedy.

Our gel socks, gloves, and neck wrap are infused with a healing, natural combination of Vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil, and more. The gel is self-activated, so you can sit back, relax, and let the moisture in. To deepen results, dab PURECODE® Organic Argan Oil to your feet, hands, and neck before slipping into your gel treatment. Wear for thirty minutes to lock in the moisture. Bonus: mix and match or coordinate your gloves, socks, and neck wrap – they come in four pretty colors!

We’re big advocates of a healthy, consistent beauty routine. PURECODE® products are designed to help you accomplish your beauty goals with confidence and ease. If you can find time once a week to incorporate the steps of our routine into your life, we’re sure you’re going to see results too good to ignore.

If you’re ready to upgrade your beauty arsenal, shop our growing line of skin and body care today!

Health and Pain Relief From the Bottom Up: The Acupressure Reflexology Mat

Look at yoga mats, plates mats, foam mats and professional fitness mats and you’ll notice something they all have in common: they’re flat. So why would anyone want a mat with raised bumps all over it? Well, maybe because walking on these bumps can strengthen your immunity, relieve body aches and chronic pain, ease muscle fatigue, improve your circulation, regulate your digestive system and make your sore feet feel better—all through the power of an ancient healing art called foot reflexology.

What’s foot reflexology?

Like acupuncture, reflexology is based on the theory that parts of the human body are connected by energy channels, known as meridians. Points on the feet are mapped to specific internal organs, glands, and systems. When practitioners use pressure and massage at the right spots, nerve impulses are activated, circulating energy (known as chi or qi) optimally within the body, and rejuvenating the corresponding body part.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing.

People all over the world have been practicing reflexology for thousands of years. It’s said to have originated in China. But pictographs found on a physician’s tomb wall between 2500-2300 BC show the man receiving a foot massage—indicating that the Egyptians practiced it, too. There’s also an element of reflexology in Native American traditions.

No matter where it began, reflexology landed in the Western world in the 20th century, and because of its positive effect on pain, psychological stress, immunity and overall wellness, it’s here to stay.


Does it really work?

Doctors and physical therapists often recommend reflexology as a complementary therapy for a variety of medical conditions, and patients report great results.  Many yoga instructors feel that it helps release tension, balance the body, and deepen the practice overall.

So, what if you could access the benefits of reflexology in your own home? As a product developer in the health and wellness field, Tiffany Montanti was intrigued by this idea.

“I wanted to make it easy for people to have reflexology therapy as part of their regular wellness care. We’re all so busy, we can’t go out for treatments every day,” she says. “So, I worked with experts in the field to create a mat that uses the principles of reflexology to stimulate the feet, remove toxins and get the energy flowing, to generate positive effects in the body.”

The PURECODE Reflexology Foot Massage Acupressure Mat is the result of this creative thinking. You can simply stand on the footprints, which have bumps placed strategically to activate the appropriate points on the feet. You can walk along the mat for more dynamic stimulation.  Some people like to lie down on the mat and feel the pressure of the bumps over the entire body.

Fitness professional Daria Georgiyeva uses this mat to amplify the positive effects of her practice, and she has developed sequences of yoga poses specifically for use on the reflexology acupressure mat.

“PURECODE Reflexology Foot Massage Acupressure Mat not only helps to release muscular tension, it also quiets and calms your mind and helps to relieve stress”

With a mat like this available at the affordable price of $25.99 on, there’s really no reason not to step up now, and start experiencing the healthy, pain-free and energetic feeling you deserve.

Welcome to our new website and blog!

We’ve spent the last couple of months redesigning our website to better serve you.

Take advantage of our site as a place to learn about our PURECODE® products, upcoming events and how we can help you find all your wellness solutions.

Our gel products are made of carefully selective transformative agents as jojoba oil, olive oil and Vitamin E that seep deep into the skin to rejuvenate & hydrate. We’ve selected 100% Certified Organic & Vitamin E Fortified Argan Oil to moisturize & nourish the skin.

Walk your way to health with our Reflexology Mat to improve physical well-being and reveal a healthier complexion using our Nano Ionic Facial Steamer.


That’s just to name a few of our products and what they have to offer



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So sit back, relax and let PURECODE Bodycare elevate your skin’s radiance and vitality!