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At-Home Spa: A Head-to-Toe Luxury Beauty Routine

In a world that tells us to go, go, go, it’s easy to get lost in all of the routines that serve others: our work, family, friends, and communities. The benefits of taking some time to nurture ourselves through a head-to-toe beauty routine are undeniable. When we treat our bodies well, we reconnect with ourselves, feel more confident, and are more likely to meet the challenges of our other routines head-on.

PURECODE® beauty offers a blissful escape from the daily grind with products designed to rejuvenate and refresh. An at-home beauty routine that covers the most delicate parts of your body is a great way to unwind, de-stress and find a little bliss. Plus, your skin will glow, you’ll reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and you’ll enjoy a natural high from the cell stimulation. Follow along with us as we detail our at-home beauty routine using the products we love the most!

Tip: To make a complete escape, turn your bathroom into your favorite spa. Light a few candles, turn on a mellow playlist and serve yourself cucumber or fruit-infused water. Take a long bath beforehand to relieve muscle tension and stress. Ask your family or roommates for a block of time that’s all yours, without interruptions. Your day of head-to-toe beauty starts now!


Wash The Day Away

The first step in our PURECODE®  at-home beauty routine begins with our PURECODE®  Facial Cleanser. It’s scented with a soft touch of lemongrass to help energize and reset your mind as you cleanse your pores. This product is a must-have everyday cleanser, but you’ll love it for your spa days, too, because it expertly removes dirt and stress from your skin. It’s gentle and perfect for all skin types. Spend just a few minutes massaging the cleanser in micro-circles up and around your face. Use a bit of pressure to really stimulate your skin cells and wash the day away.

Stimulate & Rejuvenate

At-home spa days are the perfect time to treat your skin to a little something… extra. We’ve fallen in love with the PURECODE®  Nova Thermal Facial Cleansing Device – a brush and massage combo. This palm-sized brush is adorably apple-shaped and comes with a protective pouch to preserve its purifying powers. The Nova is a great way to buff, shine, and stimulate your pores after a deep cleanse.

The brush heats up to temperatures gentle enough for delicate skin but strong enough to encourage pores to open up. The massager further activates your skin cells, sloughing off old, dry skin and taking impurities with it. Massage in slow, gradual circles around your face, paying particular attention to fine lines and problem areas. With multiple heat and speed settings, it’s a perfect fit for any skin type.

Say Goodbye to Impurities

A fresh, clean face is the best canvas for our Nano Ionic Facial Steamer, which is designed to purge your skin of those pesky imperfections we’d rather do without. This steamer elevates your at-home beauty routine to professional-grade status, using the latest technology to safely produce ionic water molecules. This creates steam that penetrates your pores more deeply and thoroughly – pulling dirt and grime to the surface for good. If you incorporate this step into your weekly beauty routine, you’ll notice smoother, tighter, and clearer skin! Just steam your face (your skin should feel warm and dewy, but not uncomfortably so) for 8-10 minutes to receive the full benefits. Splash your skin with warm water to rinse off the impurities the steamer pulled out.

Perfect Your Canvas

Before you finish your facial routine, you’ll want to seal the deal with a finishing oil that really does it all.  PURECODE®  Organic Argan Oil is the secret to cashing in on your beauty routine efforts. 100% organic, this oil is great for both your skin and hair. It improves the health of both while adding a natural, appealing shine. Plus, it’s Vitamin-E fortified for extra benefits. After your steam, apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips and rub them gently around your face, neck, and behind your ears. Run the leftovers through the roots of your hair for a nourishing scalp massage.

Lock-In The Moisture

Many of us fall into the trap of prioritizing facial skincare above all-over body care. While facial skincare is important – after all, we present our faces to the world! – the body is equally deserving of some TLC. Either before or after your complete facial beauty routine, indulge in some serious moisture therapy with our line of vitamin and mineral-packed gel gloves, socks, and neck wraps. It’s too easy to forget to nourish the most overworked parts of our bodies, but this simple step provides a needed remedy.

Our gel socks, gloves, and neck wrap are infused with a healing, natural combination of Vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil, and more. The gel is self-activated, so you can sit back, relax, and let the moisture in. To deepen results, dab PURECODE® Organic Argan Oil to your feet, hands, and neck before slipping into your gel treatment. Wear for thirty minutes to lock in the moisture. Bonus: mix and match or coordinate your gloves, socks, and neck wrap – they come in four pretty colors!

We’re big advocates of a healthy, consistent beauty routine. PURECODE® products are designed to help you accomplish your beauty goals with confidence and ease. If you can find time once a week to incorporate the steps of our routine into your life, we’re sure you’re going to see results too good to ignore.

If you’re ready to upgrade your beauty arsenal, shop our growing line of skin and body care today!

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