• Exercise Mat that strengthens Overall Immunity, Relaxes Nerve Aches, Ease Tired Muscles And Painful Feet.
  • Best mat to remove toxins, support healthy & flexible feet.
  • Exercise mat uses foot reflexology to improve physical well being.Effective at reducing pain and relaxing sufferers from chronic pain.
  • Using acupressure mat increases blood circulation, adjusts the function of internal organs.
  • Foot massager mat size 66" x 14", Includes storage case


PURECODE Reflexology Foot Massage Acupressure Mat

  • Walk your way to health! Improve physical well being. Remove toxins to support healthy and flexible feet, stimulates blood circulation, adjusts the function of entrails. Strengthens overall immunity, relaxes nerve aches, ease tired muscles and sore feet. Boost metabolism, clear the meridians, qi and blood. Use indoor or outdoor.



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