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Reflexology Foot Massage Mat


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Removes toxins to support healthy and flexible feet.
Stimulates blood circulation, adjusts the function of entrails.
Strengthens overall immunity, relaxes nerve aches, ease tired muscles.



Walk Your Way To Health

Product Description:

PURECODE’S Reflexology Foot Massage Mat unique design; you can walk on it or lay your back on it. It relieves nerve aches and pain, eases tired muscles and sore feet, boosts metabolism and relaxation by stimulating acupressure points on the soles of the feet.

The PURECODE Reflexology Foot Massage Mat is the result of creative thinking. You can simply stand on the footprints, which have been placed strategically to activate the appropriate points on the feet. You can walk along the mat for more dynamic stimulation, or lie down on the mat and feel the pressure on the bumps over the entire body. This mat not only helps to release muscular tension, it also quiets and calms your mind and helps to relieve stress.

How to Use:

First time users are recommended to place a blanket on the mat or wear thick socks. For healthy adults, limit walk session to 20 minutes, elderly and children to 10 minutes, once a day or once every other day

Suggested full course of treatment is 10 consecutive days of walking sessions, alternate with 5 days of rest between each session.



Key Product Specifications:

 Strengthens overall immunity, removes toxins to support healthy and flexible feet

  • Uses foot reflexology to improve physical well-being and is effective at reducing pain and stress
  • This mat can also be used for stimulating pressure points on the back, hands, legs and arms
  • Stimulates blood circulation and adjusts the function of entrails
  • Clears the meridians, qi and blood – corrects and rebalances the flow of energy
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, high hardiness and wear resistance
  • Product can be used by walking along the mat or lying down on your back
  • Product can be use indoors or outdoors
  • Carry bag included, easy for storage or traveler use.
  • Made from PP special plastic, providing high hardness and wear resistance advantage
  • Easy to clean

2 reviews for Reflexology Foot Massage Mat

  1. Lauren P

    I saw this mat on and was intrigued so I bought it. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised…it does seem to stimulate nerves and pressure points, but I have to wear socks and put a blanked over the mat. I walk on it for 15-20 seconds at a time. I don’t know how someone can walk on it for 20 mins. I probably have to build up a tolerance to the pressure points. I will continue to use it; it’s a simple tool to improve overall health. I even showed the mat to my acupuncturist and she was intrigued, and she confirmed that the mapping of pressure points to body systems was correct. Nice job, Pure Code!

  2. Lisa Pierre

    I am incredibly impressed with the mat because I’ve had the service of reflexology before and saw how it worked for my regularity and see now how this works without the return payments of visits. This also assists my knee pain and helps me to feel refreshed.

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